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HOA Responsibilities

Venturanza is usually responsible for problems that occur within the common area, but there are some exceptions for such items as the external components of their telephone or gas lines or their air conditioning. 

​Venturanza provides water, sewer, and trash collection services, pool maintenance, street lighting, and landscaping and groundskeeping service within the Common Area. We have granted easements to utility providers for electric, gas, and cable service. Please call our management service if you need help.

Homeowners' Responsibilities

Homeowners are responsible for maintenance of the interior of their units, for their furnace, water heater, kitchen, and laundry appliances, and for plumbing and light fixtures from the wall junction in.

Homeowners are also responsible for maintaining exterior common areas that are for their exclusive use, such as the balconies and porches.

If you rent out your unit, you should generally have your tenants submit routine problems through you. However, if there is an urgent matter such as a burst pipe, please telephone immediately or ask your tenant to call Certified HOA Management, Inc. direct at any hour so we can address the matter quickly.

Venturanza's rules require advance approval by the Architectural Committee of any significant architectural changes, such as interior renovations, replacement windows, changing garage doors, or installation of awnings. Please read the rules on that page, and submit an Architectural Change Application (see under Publications > Forms) to Certified HOA Management, Inc. for review and for approval.

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