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Pool & Spa


Swimming Pool & Spa


1.  Be safe. Do not leave young children alone in the pool/spa area; there are no lifeguards on duty. We allow absolutely no alcohol, glass objects, or pets inside the pool gates.

2.  Be courteous and considerate. Residents cannot reserve the pool area for private parties. The pool hours wrap up at a reasonable bedtime to allow the residents of the surrounding units a good night’s sleep. Please don’t overstay in the evening or you may be subject to fine or other actions. Be considerate and keep the noise down, especially in the evenings when other residents may be in bed already.

3.  The poolside furniture should be treated with care. Please do not drag the furniture around so you don’t damage the decking, which is expensive to repair.

4.  Please don’t tinker with the gate locks or climb over the fence.


Parking Information

1.  Register your vehicle with the Association.

2.  Park in designated area on the map.

3.  Do not park in Tustin Del Verde (TDV) unless you apply for 

     a permit with Tustin Del Verde. 

Full Venturanza Parking Rules HERE



Only property management may plant or garden work on property.  You may own potted plants in your home without the need to consult with Venturanza.

Plants on the Window


Certain pets are allowed (see CC&R's).  However as a general courtesy to neighbors please pick up after your pets. 

Golden Dog


Changes to the property have rules and guidelines, this includes satellite dishes and paints colors.  Please refer to the Rules and Policies section. 

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